Voicing Values: The ABCs of Daeco HR Discussed – Genevieve Primus


At Daeco HR, we value connection. We understand that connection exists when we are responsible for having others feel seen, heard, understood and valued. We are with you – side by side – as a team! We seek deeper connections and will continue to have the necessary conversations and put in the work to get there. After all, by making a solid connection, we’re able to help you do – what you do best!

To continue the conversation about our values, we want to invite you once again to learn more about what the ABCs of Daeco HR mean to each member of our team. This month, we sat down to discuss what the ABCs of Daeco HR mean to our partner, Genevieve Primus.

Genevieve’s ABCs.

Ultimately, Daeco HR is Elizabeth and me and our team of consultants. It’s who we are personally and who we are professionally, and hopefully, there is some crossover and alignment between those worlds. 

So, when we started down the path of creating new values, we reflected back on projects we worked on together; projects that our consultants worked on and projects that we worked on individually. When were we at our best? How did we show up? What characteristics were present? 

Throughout this process, I even reflected back at past jobs that I had and past organizations that I worked for. When was I at my happiest and why? It’s likely because there was an alignment between my personal values and the values of that organization.

Value Moments.

We implement these values at Daeco HR by, I know this sounds like a cliché, but living them every day! By making them top of mind, we create a habit and routine around including them — living them. It’s also about making decisions with our values. If we use our values to guide us, they should never steer us wrong. 

A new practice we will be starting is to begin each of our team meetings with a value moment. We reflect back on one of our ABCs — Authenticity, Boldness and Connection — that showed up for us during the past week, and have a conversation about it. 

It’s an excellent opportunity to reflect back on what happened the week before and connect with one of our company values. We feel that outwardly sharing those reflections will help us remember to keep our values front and centre. After all, the more you practice, the better you get!

Discussing Values.

One value doesn’t really speak to me more than the others. But for the purpose of this blog, I’m going to focus on our value of connection. I think most of us have had the experience when we meet someone new and we hit it off with them instantly. That connection is there. There is an energy around when you’re speaking with them, perhaps because there’s a similarity or a commonality that you share. Your heart is fully present during that conversation. 

Now on the flip side, I think we have all had an experience when we meet someone and there just isn’t any connection. That lack of energy makes it so you have to work extra hard to try to relate to each other. It just isn’t as easy. I find that if I can’t relate to a person, it makes things so much harder. I can’t see or hear their perspective as easily. I end up trying to just focus on what needs to get done so that I can move on to the next thing. That relationship is kept more at arm’s length — it becomes more transactional. In those cases, you just don’t have that side-by-side feeling with that person. It becomes about what you want and what they want, not about what you can achieve by working together towards a common goal. In situations like that, we are not at our best. Our tagline at Daeco HR is ‘helping you do – what you do best.’ And for us to help you do your best we nurture that connection, so we can authentically help you do that.

Creating Connection.

When we look at the definition of connection, it states a relationship in which a person, thing or idea is linked or associated with something else. When we are not connected with someone else, we are unlinked or disassociated or separated from that person. 

For me, I much prefer to be connected with other people whether that be friends or family or colleagues – it’s that connection or those interactions, that quality time, that energizes me. Connection is so important in all of our relationships.  And it’s especially important for a business providing a service. 

I encourage you to look for a deeper meaning in all of your interactions. It might be something as simple as remembering what’s important to that person and asking them about it. When you start a conversation out that way (it may also help them let their guard down), it’s amazing how you learn more about the other person and who they are as a human being, not as a colleague or boss or even a client. Treat them like a close friend, and you’ll be amazed by what happens next.

Overall, that’s how we’ve built our team at Daeco HR.  We are a team of close friends.  And we encourage each individual on our team to live by the ABC values that also resonate with them.


By connecting with people on a deeper level, our skilled consultants at Daeco HR believe that great work can be accomplished by fostering great relationships within an organization. Through this connection, Daeco HRs goal of helping Alberta’s business owners do what they do best can make a memorable impact with outstanding results. Get in touch with one of our consultants today to take the next step in your HR journey. www.daecohrconsulting.com