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Are you frustrated because you talk about doing things better but nothing changes? We help you get results by working side-by-side with you and supporting you until you are ready to take this on. We call this “support to independence”. We will support you to the point where you are ready to be independent – maybe that means you can do it on your own or we help you hire an HR professional to be part of your team.

We believe in delivering cost-effective customized HR solutions to you and have a tiered approach to the HR services we provide. Often times you will need different levels of HR within your organization and it is often impossible for all these levels of support to be provided by one HR person. We can offer all three levels as needed at different rates.

Levels of Support


This is the “big picture thinking” part and where we help create/define the culture of your organization and how HR supports that.

We facilitate discussions with your leadership team about what’s working and what’s not working from a people perspective now and where you want to get to in the future. We also identify what’s missing in your organization. We help you develop a clear path forward with an action plan. And we don’t just leave you with a plan and no clear understanding as to how to implement it. We help you move forward so at the end of our time with you, you can feel good that you actually achieved what you talked about – action – not just wishful thinking


This is the “doing” part. This is the implementation phase. It can be one of two things:

You’ve been through some strategic planning with us and this is where we then work with you to carry out the action plan. We start implementing what you’ve identified as priorities.


We start at the place where you are feeling the most pain and begin working immediately to get some things off your plate…maybe you just need to hire some good people, maybe you need to identify who is doing what.


This is the part where we get you organized; from filing to making sure all of your paperwork is in order to fractional HR. We do it all!


HR Strategy
Planning Workshop

& Mentorship

HR Services

Performance Management
& Compensation

Policies, Procedures
& Employee Handbooks

Talent Acquisition Services
(Daeco Connect)

Diversity & Inclusion

Employee Relations

Leadership &
Management Training

Outplacement Services

Workplace Investigations

Professional Resume Review & Interview Prep for Individuals

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We meet with the Leadership Team to determine the immediate HR needs and priorities of the organization. We work towards identifying and developing a clear HR strategy and defining HR objectives. We discuss what success looks like for your organization, what is missing and standing in your way and how you’re going to get there so HR practices can be integrated into the overall organizational goals. During the workshop, we will also prioritize ideas and create action plans. Ultimately, the outcome of this workshop will be to:

  • Develop a common ground among everyone and buy-in regarding an HR strategy and specific HR goals.
  • Create a clear vision, priorities, and working path forward for human resources for the organization.
  • Discuss specific action plans that bring short-term and long-term results for helping the organization be even more successful.

The HR Strategy Planning Workshop is usually where we like to start with most of our clients.

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Performance and leadership coaching/mentorship is an arrangement where we partner with you through a process that empowers and enables you to be more effective and realize your leadership potential both personally and professionally. We provide a unique environment where we provide coaching/mentorship through a combination of coaching, advising and teaching.  We develop bold leaders who can fulfill on what matters and can do that under any circumstance.

Coaching develops potential, improves performance dramatically and puts individuals on the fast track; this happens through developing personal leadership skills, making decisions that make a difference, and improving communication and relationships. Do you know that we also coach HR leaders? Often overlooked for coaching are HR leaders who are new to the role or who want to accelerate their career through coaching and mentorship.  We are HR leaders with extensive experience in leading HR teams/departments and we share our successes, challenges and experiences with other HR leaders through coaching.

Fractional HR Services

We can provide you HR advice on an as-needed basis – do you sometimes wonder how to deal with your employees or if what you are deciding is legal or makes the most sense?  We can help.

If you’re in between HR people or your HR department is short staffed, we can also help. We can act as your HR team until the right people are hired. And because we know the job so well, we can even help hire your new permanent HR staff with our talent acquisition services.

Performance Management & Compensation

Do you wish people would just do their job and be happy? How do you make sure people do what you expect and are contributing to the organization? We will work with you to develop a simple performance management system that is easy to use and actually results in improved performance and helps you bonus and pay appropriately. It won’t be another complicated HR process that will eat up more of your time. We also review employee wages and develop a clear process going forward. We get you the answers to these questions:

  • What are the employee’s specific job responsibilities?
  • How are they performing in their role?
  • How do you define what excellent performance looks like with set criteria, how to measure it, and how to provide feedback to employees about their performance?
  • How are other employees in the organization in a similar job being paid?
  • What is the industry paying?
  • How often should your employees get raises?
  • How do you bonus your employees?
  • How much can the organization afford to pay?

Policies, Procedures & Employee Handbooks

Have you ever read an employee policies and procedures manual that was easy to understand? Or interesting? We have asked ourselves: Why should it be written in “HR speak or legalese” when no one talks like that? We write them in a way that makes them fun, informative, legal and easy to read. This document is given to every single employee in your organization and outlines the rules and expectations of your organization, all while promoting the things that make it a great place to work. It also helps your managers manage their people with clear guidelines to ensure they are being consistent and legal. We can create an HR policies and procedures manual that also serves as a hip marketing tool, reflecting your unique and desirable corporate culture.

Talent Acquisition Services

We don’t believe “there are no good people out there anymore.” We can help you evaluate your needs, create job descriptions, write attractive job ads, find the right people, interview them with you, put the offer packages together and have them walking through your door when you need them. We use simple tools to objectively assess candidates so we will get the right people into the right positions at your organization. We’ve hired everyone from welders to CEOs. We hire good people – not just warm bodies. And we do it fast!  Check out Daeco Connect for more information on our talent acquisition services.

Diversity & Inclusion

Are you trying to figure out how to be a more diverse and inclusive organization? We work with you to design and create a diversity and inclusion strategy for your organization.  This strategy will align with your culture and ensure every decision you make is coming from a lens of being diverse and inclusive. We then work to operationalize and embed these behaviours into all of your processes, practices, procedures and systems. We can even create a customized workshop for your leaders and staff.

Employee RelationS

Do you feel like the majority of your time is spent dealing with those “nit-picky” employee issues? Handling difficult employee situations is one of the toughest and most time-consuming jobs managers face. Making sure that situations are dealt with fairly and legally may mean the difference between an effective solution and costly litigation. We will work with you to develop strategies for dealing with poor performance, attendance issues and termination issues.

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Leadership &
Management Training

Do you have managers who are good on paper, but need more help in practice? Do they have a hard time disciplining their staff and having those difficult conversations? How do you make sure people are doing what they’re supposed to and contributing to the organization? We have developed customized and simple workshops and guidebooks to help you deal with this stuff. They outline the step-by-step approach your leaders need to hire the right people, keep them satisfied, and (sometimes) let them go respectfully.

Outplacement Services

We are committed to the same thing you are – helping your employees transition to a new career once they have been released from your organization. While keeping your budget in mind, we provide customized services that are designed to meet each individual’s needs. We begin with an initial meeting and tailor our services to ensure the individual has the skills and tools they need to assess their personal and professional goals and develop an appropriate plan of action.

Workplace Investigations

Do you have a situation arising with an employee over a potential human rights, workplace violence, bullying, harassment or discrimination issue? We can help.

Harassment at work and other human rights matters are highly sensitive and emotional ones to deal with. Investigating such situations requires the use of sound investigative techniques and procedures. Daeco can provide practical guidance and access to experienced investigators that can help you deal with harassment at work and conduct effective workplace investigations. Our expertise allows your organization to move forward with certainty and take the appropriate action to correct the problem (if necessary), minimize liability (if any), and assist in identifying and implementing any proactive steps or measures to prevent a reoccurrence.

Professional Resume Review & Interview Prep for Individuals

Do you want to stand out from the competition and get an interview? We give you an honest opinion about your resume and cover letter and we will help you determine whether your resume needs an overhaul or just tweaking to take it to the next level. We can also give you the inside scoop on the potential questions an interviewer can ask and coach you on how to successfully answer them. Be ready to get the job of your dreams.

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Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace

Many organizations are recognizing the importance of mental health in the workplace because when you invest in your team’s well-being, you invest in the heart of your organization.  Initiating mental health awareness programs can help break down stigma and create a supportive environment for employees to seek help when needed.  Understanding mental health disabilities and knowing how to support employees experiencing them is crucial.  Providing education and resources can empower employers and leaders to respond appropriately and compassionately.  When your employees feel heard, your organization thrives.

We can provide the following support:

  • Psychological Safety Awareness– Awareness programs can help promote psychological safety within teams and across the organization. We can help you understand how to create an environment where employees feel safe to voice their concerns, which is essential for fostering open communication and addressing issues before they escalate.  
  • Disability Management Guidance and Risk Management– Knowing how to manage accommodations for employees with mental health disabilities is important for ensuring their well-being and productivity.  Providing guidance and support during illness and facilitating a successful return to work can help employees feel valued and supported.