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Daeco HR brings you Talent Acquisition services. You might think there are no good people out there. That’s not true. We find them for you!

You’re probably wondering – didn’t Daeco HR always provide talent acquisition services? Yes, that’s true, we always have done recruiting, but now we are going one step further. We are pleased to offer you Daeco Connect – which is a dedicated division of Daeco HR that provides talent acquisition services to support you and all of your recruitment needs. We have dedicated and very experienced recruiters who can actively help you source and find the best candidate for your position. We are experienced in “needle in a haystack” recruiting along with high volume recruiting.

Now, you know that we wouldn’t be Daeco HR if we didn’t do things a little bit differently (and better!). We are not your typical headhunter or search firm. We want to make sure that we deliver you the best candidate possible and we truly believe that the only way to do so is by supporting you every step of the way. One of the ways we really are different and where we stand out from our competitors is during the interview process. We like to do the interviews with you; that way we can get really clear on the type of candidate you’re looking for. We also will make sure that when we are doing the reference checks, we are asking questions about strengths AND weaknesses. We know that human beings aren’t perfect and we want to make sure you are hiring this individual knowing as much information as you can. Have a look at our process below:

Talent Acquisition Process

1. DESIGN – Create a targeted job ad, post job and identify top talent. We make sure your job ad attracts the best in the industry.

2. SOURCE – Scour LinkedIn and other social platforms, ask around, use our extensive network. We can turn over every rock for you.

3. REVIEW – Review resumes and short list candidates. We do all of the leg work for you!

4. ASSESS – Behavioural and job assessments – we use Predictive Index (PI) which is an assessment tool that has been specifically validated for recruitment. We gather data to ensure the candidate is a culture fit and you know what you are getting, for example, getting someone who is big picture or detail oriented.

5. INTERVIEW – In‑person/virtual interviews with the hiring manager. We are that extra set of experienced eyes and ears.

6. REFERENCE CHECK – Detailed reference checks from the candidate’s manager, co-worker and client. We ask for strengths and weaknesses and make sure they are the absolute best fit for you now and in the future.

7. OFFER – Negotiate and present the offer. We ask the questions about how this offer aligns with your current total compensation structure.

Some of Our Other HR Services

ON-BOARDING – HR Experts will help you set your new hire up for success!

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT – Create docs to check-in with your new hire and coach you on how to have performance discussions.

COMPENSATION – We can perform a compensation analysis of your entire organization to ensure you are attracting top talent and paying people the right amount.

We proactively find highly qualified individuals who may not be looking at the moment – they usually are your star players. Our recruiters are experienced in both passive and active recruitment. We have a comprehensive database of individuals who are looking for their next career. We take pride in connecting with them and being on top of what they are looking for and then we match them to you!

We specialize in finding human resources people, we are HR people after all! We also have niches in sales, tech, finance and trades.  

We want to help you do what you do best, by doing what we do best, which is finding you the best candidates in the industry! We aim to make your job easier, not harder! Call us today.

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