Our Team

Cindy Wilhelm, Human Resources Consultant

Cindy’s first taste of Human Resources was when she landed a job with Service Canada through the Federal Student Work Experience program. This experience was as a pivotal point in shaping her career. She was originally an accounting major following the footsteps of her mom but realized people were her true passion.

After graduating with her Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Alberta, the west coast lifestyle lured Cindy to BC for which she has spent much of her HR career. She brings generalist experience from a diverse array of industries spanning government, academia, food manufacturing and chemical distribution.

Why do clients love Cindy? Cindy is determined to provide positive and meaningful HR support and her exposure to a variety of HR systems and processes allows her to do so. Staying focussed on what one can do vs. not is the mantra for her solutions-based approach.

Cindy and her family relocated back to Edmonton to be closer to their large extended family. Outside the joys of mom-life, she is a self-proclaimed foodie and travel enthusiast. Her hobbies of choice are seeing new sights, people-watching, finding unique eateries or simply enjoying a tasty meal.

Cindy is thrilled to work for Daeco as they strive to challenge the norm and elevate the standard while advocating for balance and wellness.


Elizabeth Disman, Managing Partner

Why do clients love Elizabeth? “She is not afraid to address that ‘elephant in the room’ that always seems to hold us back — even if it creates some short-term tension. It gets us to our goals faster and with much better results. Elizabeth always does a very good job in facilitating those hard discussions.”

Elizabeth is the founder of Daeco HR Consulting and is the ultimate black sheep of human resources in Edmonton. She has over 25 years of experience as a human resources consultant, helping companies uncover their HR issues and discover the secrets of success. She has a BA and a Human Resources Certificate, but to her, it’s not about the education — it’s about the way things are done. She has worked with many small and medium companies managing human resources. She doesn’t simply come up with off-the-shelf human resources solutions, but instead customizes her approach for each client to find practical and simple solutions to their problems.

What does Elizabeth love about Daeco? It’s all about the people. She believes in her team of extremely talented individuals who come together and use their experience and skills to give the clients real human resources solutions that work.

Her life mantra is “infinite possibilities” and she is a fan of one of her husband’s favourite quotes, “It will always work out.” She is one to push the boundaries. Not an avid TV watcher (other than HGTV and The Food Network), Elizabeth enjoys TED Talks because they leave her feeling inspired and ready to take on anything. Elizabeth reads tons of fiction and non-fiction books and loves authors such as Daniel Pink and Malcolm Gladwell. If you are ever looking for a present for her, a book is best!

Words of advice from Elizabeth’s 16-year-old daughter, Morgan: “If nothing is right, turn left!”

Genevieve Primus, Managing Partner

Genevieve is one of the Managing Partners at Daeco HR Consulting. Genevieve has over 20 years of business experience including 14 years in human resources. She holds a BComm with a major in Human Resources along with a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) designation.

Her background in corporate retail has served her well as a human resources consultant because it allows her to come up with practical human resources solutions that fit in today’s busy, fast-paced world. Genevieve is able to quickly diagnose a company’s HR issues and implement simple processes that make sense. Her areas of expertise are in strategic planning, performance management, leadership accountability and coaching.

Why do clients love Genevieve? “We have talked for years about writing a policy and procedures manual, but kept putting it off. Genevieve helped us do it. She remembers the important things and gently reminds us about where we are going.” She is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to getting things done. That’s what makes her a Black Sheep.

Genevieve coaches employees and business leaders using her unique combination of approachability, setting expectations, attention to detail and strong follow up to keep them on track and moving towards their goals.

She loves working at Daeco because it really is different from any other firm offering HR consulting in Edmonton. Instead of just a cookie-cutter approach to a client’s problem, Daeco gets to the root of their client’s concerns with customized solutions that work.

Genevieve is also a mentor with ThresholdImpact University of Alberta Venture Mentoring Service. She really enjoys giving back by coaching new entrepreneurs and helping them make positive changes in their business.

Genevieve started ballet at the age of 5 and her favourite way to stay active is with barre, which is a workout inspired by elements of ballet, yoga and Pilates. Dance has always been a way for her to stay connected with friends and get a good workout in. Genevieve also has identical twin daughters and wants to be the best role model to show them you can have a successful career and be a great mom. For Genevieve, the greatest impact she can make in the world is raising strong, happy, kind girls.

Kelly vanOuwerkerk, Human Resources Consultant

Kelly has been in human resources for over 10 years. She holds a BComm with a major in Human Resources along with a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) designation.

Kelly’s ability to act as a business partner allows her to support corporate strategy by molding HR practices to fit the business needs and deliver results.  Her goal is to help clients receive the HR services they need, when they need it, and in an approach that provides sustainable value.

Clients will love Kelly because of her experience in dealing with a number of complex issues and areas of HR.  She’s a straight-shooter that informs her clients about their options with the pros and cons of each.

Kelly loves working for Daeco because she’s valued and respected for her experience as an HR professional. Also, working with Daeco allows her what every mom wants – flexibility!