The Importance of HR in Your Growth Strategy

As a business owner you are probably used to wearing a variety of hats within your organization. Entrepreneurs often find themselves acting as a customer service representative, social media guru, procurement specialist, business development manager and operations manager on any given day.

While it is important to have an understanding of all the operations in your business, it also provides a huge opportunity for things to be missed or neglected due to the constant chaos of the day-to-day. published an article late last year that describes the importance of developing processes, hiring the right people and how important it is to not manage your organization by avoidance.

Many startup and small business owners simply ignore those tasks with which they are not comfortable. And in so doing, they miss out on business opportunities that could significantly grow their business.” 

It’s not surprising that the tasks that are uncomfortable are often ignored, which is unfortunately often where HR issues fall. As a business grows, what was once a one or two person show can quickly evolve into the need to hire, train and manage employees. When growing a team, many owners fail to realize the extra layer of complexity, legality and risk additional bodies can add to the overall operations of the organization.

According to Forbes, there are eight great challenges that every business faces and you guessed it, HR issues make the list. Whether it’s recruiting and retaining the right employees , developing policies and procedures, managing your employees (including terminations), or workplace investigations, HR is integral in organizations large or small. 

Hiring an employee dedicated to your HR may be the best call if you are a steadily growing organization. But what do you do if cash flow is tight and you aren’t at the point where you feel ready to have an employee solely dedicated to your HR needs nor do you need one?

Introducing Daeco’s HR on Call Program!

Do you sometimes wonder how to deal with your employees or if what you are deciding is legal or makes the most sense or just need a bit of HR support?

We can help.

Our HR on Call program provides your organization HR advice on an as-needed basis. 

Our program provides customized hours to your team where you have access to a dedicated HR professional who will respond within 24 hours during business hours.

We get that a full-time salary is expensive.  That’s why as the Black Sheep of Human Resources we do things differently and don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach.  If you are struggling with your organization’s HR and need some help, we would love to connect with you!

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