The Importance of a Team – Our Flock

A 2017 Reflection by one of our Managing Partners, Genevieve Primus

As we move into 2018 I can’t help but reflect back on the year and years prior.  This blog is about being a team and although Elizabeth started Daeco back in 2000 I feel like we officially became a team when she and I met in 2012.  

Prior to joining Elizabeth, I was consulting on my own and boy did I feel alone.  I didn’t have anyone to bounce ideas off of and my brain-power was it when it came to providing HR to my clients.  Something needed to change…enter Elizabeth.  

We hit it off right from the beginning.  If you’ve met us you know that we have very differing strengths, which really is a match made in heaven, paired with a clear vision that we never waiver from.  That’s been key for us – a team with differing strengths and weaknesses.  We totally believe in playing to each of our strengths instead of focusing on where we each fall short.  We love using behavior profiling tools especially one called Predictive Index to help us figure each other out – where we will excel together as a team and where we might run into conflicts.  

We had and still have this belief that you can be a consultant, but still provide unique HR support that has an army behind you…enter Black Sheep.  

As a client, you may hire one of us to work with you but we are all in the background sharing ideas and our experience for how we can provide the best HR value to you and your organization.  We will never be a large consulting firm nor do we want to be.  We are and always will be that boutique HR team that tells it like it is and puts plans into actions that maybe aren’t conventional but a little bit rebellious.  That’s what makes us different.  That’s what makes us the Black Sheep of HR.  And you will have a whole flock behind you if you choose to work with us.

Elizabeth and I are the original two and have grown our team since then.  Check out our ‘About Us’ page to learn more about us and the rest of the Black Sheep.