6 Common Traits of Highly Successful People

Posted: May 12, 2015

If we think about highly successful people I’m sure we could come up with a quick list of common traits they share. Hard working, good leaders, and willing to make sacrifices all might top the list. But there has to be more to it, right? We found another great list that dives a little deeper. Some of these traits might not be as well known, or might even be a little surprising. Take a look to find out how you can learn from highly successful people and become one yourself.


  1. They Never Try

They never try because trying isn’t doing. Instead, they do what they set to achieve. How?

  • By being crystal clear about their goals.
  • By sacrificing anything that would steal resources (ex: time) away from those goals.
  • By celebrating every small win along the way.
  1. They Leverage Everything

To leverage is to use a small input to reap a maximum reward. Simply.

Highly successful people have the unique ability of making use of every bit of their human experience. They sell their winning strategies in books, market their experience on TV shows, use their vulnerabilities to connect with strangers and leverage their friendships to access closed circles. Look at your life and assets carefully, there are many things you could leverage.

  1. They Give More Than They Take

There is a connection between the number of people you serve and the amount of returns you can make. That is why billionaires tend to be those whose companies serve the largest number of people. Does Amazon ring a bell? Find a universal pain point, focus on addressing it and in due time the returns will come. Nature rewards givers.

  1. They Conquer Hearts

The most valuable resources and opportunities are hidden behind relationship walls.

Whether they are introverts or extraverts, highly successful people find a way to connect with the people they meet. They understand that if our aspirations or backgrounds do not unite us, then our flaws will. So they use whatever common ground is available at the moment to reach for your heart.

For example,

  • They will greet you in your native language,
  • Call you by name as much as they can,
  • and mirror your body language if they have no clue what sports you are talking about.

And if none of those work, they will show themselves vulnerable with  stories about themselves. Works like a charm.

  1. They Give Up

Only a fool repeats the same action and expects different results. Successful people get that.

As a result they do not lay their time on the altar of regrets, or stay in love with ideas and methods that do not work. They fall in love with the end goal, not the path, and stick to what works.

What doesn’t work, they discard. Quick. And try something else.

  1. They Are A-Students

Richard Branson included. Although many highly successful people are school dropouts, one thing they never drop out of is the school of life.

For example,

  • They are fantastic students of their mistakes. That is why most keep a personal journal.
  • They are great students of others’ successes, which is why they read more books than the average man.
  • They are students of what makes people tick. Case in point, there is something you bought this week that you didn’t really need.
  • They are brilliant students of people’s problems. Proof? Their products (solutions) sell.

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