Your People & Organization Reflect Your Values.

Daeco HR has been in the HR consulting business for over two decades, establishing a name both in Calgary and Edmonton as trusted experts in the field. Our purpose and reason for working in this industry never changed. However, our branding and core value statements require occasional updates to match our evolution as an organization and the community around us. While we are launching the new Daeco HR branding, our reputation as an HR consulting firm that does things differently will never change.

At Daeco HR Consulting, we are dedicated to keeping our core values at the root of every decision we make. After all, we understand that how we conduct our organization is a direct reflection of ourselves and what we stand for, which is why we have revamped our core values to emphasize what is most important to us. 

We are thrilled to share our values – the ABCs of Daeco HR: 

Authenticity | Boldness | Connection 

We lead with our values and strive to:

  • Be authentic in our approach to human resources consulting,
  • To lead with boldness in our pursuit of unique HR solutions that suit the best interests of your organization,
  • And to cultivate connections with every person we meet – clients, colleagues, fellow consultants and our team. 

How We Cultivated Our New Core Values.

Daeco HR has been providing simple and practical human resources solutions for Alberta businesses for over 20 years. With two decades of HR consulting under our belts, we know how important it is to make sure our brand evolves with us as we gain more knowledge, insights and life experience.    

Our approach to our new values was introspective. What values are currently underlying in our organization and are these the values we want to continue to portray? We looked at the two of us as business partners and our team of consultants – what do we stand for and how do we want to show up – both personally and professionally?

We also reflected back on our clients to see how our interactions with them impacted us and what stood out the most in how we approached every kind of situation. We came up with three core values that empower us to stay true to our mission of making a lasting difference for all. 

The Importance Of Authenticity.

At Daeco HR, we are true to ourselves and our values regardless of the pressure we might be under to act otherwise. Human resources can be tricky to navigate for any business owner, especially when you are managing several employees with different personalities and our organization is no different. 

We have learned how to embrace our individual working styles while playing to each other’s strengths. We’ve also learned how we can inspire our clients to show up for their teams by being our authentic selves with them. 

Elizabeth and Genevieve
Elizabeth & Genevieve — Photo by Christina Louise Branding

The Beauty of Boldness.

There is something admirable about having the courage to ask questions rather than pretend you know the answer. Our consultants are empowered to speak up and let clients know when they don’t have the answer, but also assure them they will do the research to find out. 

There is also bravery in being bold. Working in HR means having tough conversations, which requires you to be strong, honest and bold due to the often sensitive topics. We are not fearful to admit that we dislike the complicated HR rules just as much as our clients do. This is why we boldly disrupt traditional human resources management by offering simple and practical HR solutions that our clients can understand and implement.

The Power of Connection.

Cultivating meaningful connections is a massive pillar of success for us at Daeco HR. We have always taken a collaborative approach to HR solutions within our team and beyond that. We’ve also dedicated ourselves to fostering connections outside of work by giving our consultants opportunities to bond and appreciate one another.

For our clients, we ensure they know that we are working with them side-by-side through every step of their HR journey. We hope to build lasting connections with each client and if we feel like our values aren’t aligning, we aren’t afraid to have those difficult conversations, and if necessary, walk away.

Make a Lasting Difference For All.

Our core values are rooted in our mission to make a lasting difference for all, including our clients, fellow colleagues, our consultants and ourselves. We strive to consistently live our values, day in and day out.  We are authentic in our approach, bold in our delivery and dedicated to the connections we make with every person we meet. 

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