Make Your Next Job Fair Successful

Posted: May 7, 2014

We’ve put together a list of the things you should do, pack, and think about when you’re planning your next job fair. Showing up and setting up isn’t going to guarantee you get the best people approaching your booth. And what happens afterwards when you leave with a pile of resumes? We hope this checklist is helpful!


– Get organized! A Rubbermaid bin or sturdy box is a great place to pack all your job fair essentials.

– Pack the following tools:

  • Pens, highlighters, post its, paper clips, clipboards and stapler
  • Folders to keep resumes
  • Company-branded swag to give away to the crowd. Consider what you’ll put it in once you’re at the job fair.
  • Any company brochures or literature you might have
  • Job Applications

 Pro tip: Print applications in a color unlike your normal applications. This way you can track who applied from the Job Fair and determine how successful the event was

  • Your business cards
  • Company signage to make your booth stand out (banner stands, posters, branded table cloth etc)
  • On-the-spot interview questions

Need Help? Daeco can help you create your interview questions to get the most out of your time with each person.

-Schedule shifts for people manning your booth.

Pro Tip: Make sure people at your booth are friendly, outgoing and knowledgeable.


When You Arrive

– Check in and locate your booth

– Set up your company signage in a way that is easily seen and makes you stand out

– Put out your swag and giveaways. Does it look enticing?

– Grab three folders and label them ‘yes’ ‘no’ and ‘maybe’. File resumes accordingly

-Conduct interviews on site if you really like someone.

-If you’re pressed for time, schedule interviews with people right then and there. Why let good people get away?



– Have an action plan. You’ll likely have lots of resumes to go through

– Make sure you have the time and support to follow up with all your ‘yes’ applicants

– Get in touch with the people you liked right away. Don’t let them get away!


Seeing some gaps in your Job Fair essentials? Daeco can help. We have a staff of experienced HR and Communications professionals that can make your booth, brochures, and behavior work for you. This could be your most successful recruitment event ever. Give us a call.