Leadership Coaching Extends Beyond the Workplace

2022 is here and workplaces everywhere are beginning to transition back into the full swing of things. If the past few years have taught the business community anything, it’s that problems that need leaders to step up to the plate can pop up quickly. The constant challenge of not knowing and having to adapt can bring up unforeseen challenges. Employees may find that their voice is not being heard in between all of the stresses that can pile up on their leader’s desk, causing them not to perform to the best of their ability. While there are many leadership skills that individuals that are higher up in the company already have, proper leadership coaching is pivotal to improving performance and team morale. 

If you find that your team feels unmotivated and stagnant, it may be a good time for your organization to revisit best practices when coaching leaders within your organization. The team here at Daeco HR strongly believes that the person you are at work directly translates to who you are in your personal life. When you step up and lead your team effectively, you are helping grow trust within your company, which fosters a positive work environment. We believe that proper coaching helps develop employees, which improves employee performance and morale, which also helps put your staff on the fast track to personal and professional success. Coaching opportunities are not only meant for individuals who are not performing well. They also help your middle and top performers grow and potentially take on new positions within the organization. These coaching sessions also provide room for your own personal growth and the chance to reflect on your own leadership capabilities and areas for improvement. It’s a win-win! 

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What is the Role of Human Resources in Coaching?

Traditionally, when your Human Resources team conducts any sort of leadership performance coaching, it is primarily focused on helping managers and the executive leadership team address and deal with specific challenges that have come up. When we are coaching you, we go far beyond what’s at the surface and dig deeper.  We listen for your emotions – the pause and hesitations. We help you define your current reality, discover the options available to you and set goals for achievement focusing on personal and professional development, which in turn impacts the whole company.

Coaching Tips

Three Coaching Tips for Leaders.

If you’re reading this blog and wondering what you can do now to look at your leadership skills (especially if you don’t have an HR team on site), this is the right place for you!

These coaching tips can help you find a starting point to having those important coaching conversations within your team.

1. Make Sure to Ask Guiding and Open-Ended Questions

It is an age-old HR fact that asking open-ended and guiding questions lead to more in-depth and detailed answers. Getting responses that are more thought out, leads to more meaningful coaching conversations. When managers or leaders practice good communication and emotional intelligence when listening to their employees, they are able to better help hear what is going on in their company and what can be improved. 

2. Try and Coach in the Moment

If an employee comes to your office with a question, use this as a chance to teach them something that they may not have known before. Coaching your employees to improve overall performance doesn’t always have to be when things aren’t going so well.

3. Make a Commitment to Continuous Learning

It’s simple; if you don’t commit to improving your skills, your employees will follow suit. Lead by example, and we guarantee that your staff will follow!

Have no ideas on how to do this as a company? We’ve got you covered. 

An age-old Daeco HR favourite for connecting with your team while having fun is by reading with your team! A book club that tackles personal growth and leadership is a way for you and your team to learn important skills while deepening your bond as a company. 

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Coaching is Not Out of Reach.

Your Human Resources team has the capability to help create processes and coaching programs that can help coach and mentor employees in all different sorts of positions within your company. 

At Daeco HR, we take a unique and hands-on approach to how we help coach and mentor our clients. When you decide to commit to coaching services, we partner with you through a process that empowers and enables you to be more effective and realize your leadership potential both personally and professionally. Our team fosters a unique environment where coaching and mentorship are provided through a combination of coaching, advising and teaching. Our goal is to help develop bold leaders who can fulfill what matters and do that under any circumstance.

Outstanding leadership should not be pushed to the side. Contact the Daeco HR team today for strategy, solutions, support and performance coaching.