We used to call ourselves the Black Sheep of Human Resources and we still consider ourselves to be that way. We realized we needed to get with the times and calling ourselves a Black Sheep would not work from a diversity and inclusion perspective. But don’t worry, we are still your different kind of HR consulting company.

So Why Are We So Different?

We don’t like HR either. We are like you – we don’t like the typical complicated HR rules that make most managers cringe. We deliver simple common-sense advice and customized solutions to your organization’s needs and culture. We listen to what’s really going on. We look at your organization, where you want to get to in the future and ensure your HR systems and process support that direction – not the other way around. We believe HR should make your job easier not harder. We get results by delivering simple and practical solutions with a customized approach to everyday business issues. We help leaders like you focus on your business and we give you the time to do what you do best.

Helping you do – what you do best, since 2000.


We Started Daeco

You wouldn’t think that two people who have such differing personalities could come together the way we have. We think us meeting was meant to be and we know we have the perfect kind of partnership and that translates over to you. What makes it work for us is that we have the same vision and underlying beliefs of what HR should be and we both have different strengths. We complement each other. What you get with us is a well-balanced approach to HR and over 50 years of experience!


is Possible

I’m Elizabeth. I would say I’m a big picture thinker. I’m not afraid to address the elephant in the room. I think it’s important to do that so we can get to the root cause of what may be holding you and your teams back. And we want to make sure that anything we come up with for your organization actually “sticks.” I like to help you come up with your ideal vision of your future and create a plan on how to get there – and then we can work with you to implement that.


Things Done

I’m Genevieve. This is me to a tee. I get things done! I use my unique combination of approachability, setting expectations, attention to detail and strong follow up to keep you on track and moving towards your goals. I am able to quickly analyze your organization’s HR challenges and will design and implement a simple, strategic approach with a process that makes sense.


We help you get results by managing your human resources and delivering a practical, common-sense approach to real business HR issues. We’re not like any other company offering HR consulting and recruiting in Edmonton and Saskatchewan. We reduce your costs by providing HR services on an as-needed basis.